• Fara Foundation provides “food baskets” for 100 families each month.
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  • Fara Clinic sees more than 100 patients per day. The average visit costs $1.
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  • From Austin to Nicaragua: Our International Team Bridges Needs and Resources
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  • We help underwrite a 50-person home for the elderly, 90 percent of whom stay for free.
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  • Fara has a school at Finca Santa Rita, serving 50 elementary students.
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Fara Clinic
Fara Clinic opened in late 2010 and quickly became a healthcare hub in Nicaragua. By the end of our first year, the clinic was seeing as many as 40 patients per day. By 2017, that had more than doubled ~ to 100 per day... Read More
We run an elementary school and support other schools in the region. When it comes to education and opportunities, Nicaragua has one of the most underserved populations in the hemisphere, and we're determined to help change that. The statistics are jolting... Read More
Elder Care
  At Fara Foundation, we believe the elderly are among society’s most precious resources, which is why we underwrite a regional elder-care home. Our grandmothers and grandfathers are an essential link to our collective pasts and should be able to live with dignity and security... Read More
Food Assistance
Serving 100 families monthly, Fara Foundation helps sustain those in need. According to the U.S. government’s World Factbook, Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America... Read More

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