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Aug 2012

Notes from Nicaragua: Our 5th Medical Mission — July 31-August 1

Notes from Nicaragua: Our 5th Medical Mission — July 31-August 1

Editor’s Note: This week, our reporter in the field, Leila Farahani, documents her experiences in northern Nicaragua, as Fara Foundation hosts its most comprehensive mission to date. International teams are stationed at Fara Clinic, Matagalpa Regional Hospital and other facilities. When it concludes on Aug. 4, the mission will have helped more than 1,000 underserved in this coffee-growing community.


MATAGALPA, NICARAGUA — by Leila Farahani


Drove way out to a tiny village called Samulali.  The village is not far outside of Matagalpa, although it seems further, due to the dirt roads and potholes.  It was very funny to see a van off-roading.  We set up at a school for Infancia Sin Fronteras.  I was helping the outpatient group again.  Before lunchtime, we saw more than 100 people.  Our audiologist returned to Dario to have more children fitted for the “not ugly” hearing aids.


Today was the best day that we’ve had thus far for me.  I was working in the clinic for the first time, translating for the vein surgeries.  I learned so much and got to watch many successful surgeries.  I even got to help a little.  Eighty-six people were treated in the clinic.

Next door to the clinic, we had our audiologist fitting children with hearing aids, which the audiologist is quickly running through. The gastrointerologist saw around 30 people in the hospital today.  In our out-patient clinic, at Fara Clinic, we saw well over 100 — much like yesterday.  Very sad that tomorrow we are coming close to the end of our mission.




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